Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a Week...

Katherine, a fellow momo mommy to Charlotte & Lola, opened up her house to the SoCal Momo Mom's last weekend. There were 4 families. Katherine's girls are almost 18 months (I believe), Allison's girls who just turned two a few days before my girls, and Lyndsey who had her 6 month old girls. Along with all the hubby's and three older siblings it was amazing. We had so much fun. The food was great and the company was even better. The kids all got along so wonderfully. It was so great to be able to relate and talk about to people about our experience and have them completely understand. I hope we can start a tradition and do this yearly.
I think this is Evelyn kissing Charlotte.
Addison, Charlotte, Katelyn and Evelyn
Either Charlotte or Lola :)

The SoCal gang...minus 3 hubby's and the older kids.

Every year the fire department has a Fire Services Day. It is a great way for the city fire department and the community to get together and see how amazing our fire fighters are. They put on tons of different demonstrations for kids of all ages. They have fire engines set up all over that the kids can climb on & take pictures. They do water helicopter drops over the crowd and let the kids spray down building with the fire hoses. It is so much fun and our girls really enjoyed going & seeing Daddy at work. They especially liked the helicopter and the headphones.

The girls BFF 'Katie' Kate had her 2 year old party this weekend. The girls had so much fun in the water slide they had set up. It was over 100 degrees this weekend so the water was a refreshing way to spend the day.BFF 'Katie' Kate and Addison
Well the day has come when the girls decided enough is enough with captivity. As Mommy & Daddy slept peacefully Sunday morning Addee & Charlee VERY quietly climbed outta their cribs and crept down the hall to the open bathroom door. They then proceeded to empty out the contents of the entire medicine cabinet before waking up the sleeping giants, aka Mommy & Daddy. That afternoon at nap time we tried to put them back to sleep in their cribs but there was no way they were staying in captivity. So Daddy converted the cribs into toddler beds. The first afternoon came and went with no nap being had and a mess of baby powder all over the floors. The first night was uneventful. It took us going in 3 times to tell them it was night night time before they fell asleep. I'm sure this had nothing to do with the fact that they had no nap and played all day with their BFF in the sun. LOL. Yesterday's adventure ended with Addison eating an oz of Desitin, I still can't figure out where she found it, a call to poison control with a clear card, thankfully, and eventually a 2.5 hour nap. Last night they fell asleep within 10 minutes and slept till 8 this morning. I was SO dreading this stage but overall it is not too bad...yet. Haha. Minus the fact that their bedroom is now empty of pretty much any and all things even remotely entertaining to two year olds. Even the changing table has a new residence in the hallway. We will keep you posted on the progress.
I kept the bumpers on the crib cuz I was scared they would fall out that huge hole. LOL

And yes she is looking at the mess she had made on the floor :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Poppy's on Mother's Day

My great idea for Mother's Day was to take a drive out to the Poppy Reserves. A family picnic surrounded by beautiful flowers sounded like fun to me. The California Poppy Reserve is only a 20 minute drive from our house yet I have never been there. I have seen pictures and was just blown away by the beauty of the poppy fields.
Well...beside the fact that we were about two weeks late of the peak bloom, there were about 40 mph winds to deal with. Not ideal for a picnic. So we ate our sandwiches in the back of our car, picnic style. Which basically gave the girls free range to crawl all over the car, one of their favorite things to do while we ate and laughed at the hilarity of our adventure. My parents had come along on our adventure so it was very cramped in the back of our Suburban.

Here is what it is supposed to look like

Here is what it did look like

We did manage to find a VERY small piece of hillside that had a few flowers left for us to enjoy.

They really enjoyed the bugs that were crawling around under the flowers.

Trying to get a pic with the girls. Notice our hair :)

I LOVE this place!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My 50th post!

For my 50th post I am going to list 50 of my favorite things!
They are not in any particular order.

50. New shoes that don't match anything so I have to go out & buy new clothes to match my shoes
49. Hiking with my dad when I was a little girl, more so the memories I guess now
48. Camping on the Kern River
47. Letters that come in the mail
46. IM'ing at work
45. My new pillows
44. Crawling into clean sheets
43. Coming home to clean house
42. Sunday morning breakfast with my hubby and girls
41. Watching cartoons in Mommy & Daddy's bed with the girls
40. Coke from McDonalds
39. Listening to my girls laugh when they think no one is listening
38. Getting pedicures with my BFF
37. Feeling my girls move when I was pregnant (almost makes me want to be pregnant again)
36. Cajun seared tuna sushi, yummy
35. Getting a picture with both girls smiling
34. Holidays with all our family around
33. Laying in the sun
32. Girls nights out
31. Shopping with my hubby, he really has great taste
30. Designer jeans
29. Watching my brother play with my girls (they love their uncle)
28. My mac laptop...I love this thing
27. Going on walks
26. New adventures with my girls
25. A good glass Pinot Noir, preferably Mirassou
24. Wandering aimlessly through Target for hours alone
23. My wedding ring
22. Tanning beds that are 99% UV free, I love to be tan
21. People watching
20. HOT showers
19. The Parker strip, we have a house there right on the river, I have so many great memories there and hope for many more
18. Babies that sleep through the night
17. Going out dancing
16. Massages
15. My girls running towards me saying "Mommy, Mommy" when I get home from work
14. Giraffe's, I think they are such beautiful animals
13. Taking a nap while my girls take a nap
12. VS 'sexy' push up bras, thank goodness for the art of illusion
11. Blog comments
10. BBQ's with friends
9. My flat iron, without it my hair is not so cute
8. My eyebrow waxing lady, she can make my shapeless eyebrows look almost shapely
7. My tivo box, without it I would never get to watch TV
6. Vanilla Chai Latte's from StarBucks
5. A good sale rack, ooh let's be honest, I love shopping in general on sale or not
4. My keyring, My BFF got me a keychain
of a butterfly, on the back is inscribed 'Double Love Always' for my girls
3. The necklace that holds the diamond from when my mom & dad were married
2. My wonderfully handsome husband
1. My sweet peanuts, Charlotte and Addison

Who's your favorite?

Standing in line at a grocery store with my girls giggling uncontrollably a man asks me "Have you picked a favorite?" I laugh at him not really thinking he is talking to me. He makes eye contact with me and asks again "If I have picked a favorite?" I stare at him, not knowing what to say to this absurd question. He then cracks a smile and tells me that he has twin daughters that are 16. He and his wife used to joke about picking a favorite kid in case they ran off in opposite directions and you could only go after one or the other. I laughed. It was a funny thought. What if my girls ever did run off in separate directions? Who would I chase after?

A few weeks later I find myself thinking back to that conversation with that stranger. I am sitting on the couch as I often do with my Charlotte. I gently rub my fingers up and down her arms and across her back. She loves to be touched and slightly tickled. (I used to lay for hours on my mom's lap while she did this to me as a child) I think I would run after Charlotte. She is my other half. We are so alike. She is my favorite. A few moments later Addison walks up and slips her tiny little hand around my finger. "Mommy please" she says. So I follow her into the bathroom. She sits me down on the bathmat and stands in front of me. She rubs my blush brush across my face and smiles the most amazing smile you have ever seen, "Mommy pretty". I see her watching me at times, wanting to be just like mommy. And I think nope she is my favorite. Then I am reminded if these two little girls ever ran off in different directions I'd had better learn to be in two places at one time because they are both my favorite.
Mommy's have that ability right? It's like one of our super powers.

Hide And Seek Anyone?

A very exciting game of Hide and Seek with daddy and grandpa.
This is their favorite hiding spot.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, May 2, 2008

First hair cuts

The girls had this really funny tail-like hair that grew longer than the rest of their hairs and only directly down the middle. It honestly looked like the tail the boys wore back in the eighties. But even worse since it usually was all matted and sticking straight out. So I had to cut off this eighties rocker hair. It was a fight for a while to get dear hubby to agree. He didn't want them to loose their long hair. I think he had to be in control of someone's hair since I keep chopping mine off much to his disagreement. I had to remind him that their hair was not long they just had a weird long section which is very uncool. I could have cut it myself...but then we would loose the cute first hair cut photos and all that goes along with it. So we took the girls to the girl who cuts both mine & hubby's hair, MaryAnn, a very good friend of ours.
I thought for sure they would have cried and it would be a disaster but they really had a great time. They loved all the attention they got from all the lady's in the salon. They chatted up just like any lady does when she is getting her hair done. It was so fun. They are SUCH girls.

Here is the tail.

Addison's snip snip

Addison with MaryAnn

Charlotte's snip snip

Charlotte with MaryAnn

Tag I'm It...

So I've been tagged by Erin. Wow, talk about a walk down the memory tagging lane! Lets see if I can think that far back!

4 things I was doing 10 years ago (1998):
~I was leaving Chico State and transferring to San Diego State for my last 2 years
~I met the love of my life who is now my hubby
~I was turning 21 and was very much so enjoying the college/bar scene in San Diego
~I was working at a bar/nightclub living with my bff Jessica.

4 things I was doing 5 years ago (2003):
~Was working at Final Note (where I still am today)
~Was planning my wedding for the next year
~Spending every summer holiday in Parker on the Colorado River
~Was house hunting for that perfect house...we shopped for soooooo long. I was so picky on what I wanted.

4 things I did yesterday:
~Went to work, it was actually quite a busy crazy day at work for me. I saw (not met) Mike Myers...Shawiiiiing!
~Went out to dinner with the girls & my parents at Chili's
~Cleaned up throw up that went all over Addee AND the car seat
~Watched Grey's Anatomy while giving the hubby a mini back rub (he had a rough week)

4 shows I love to watch:
~Grey's Anatomy
~Lipstick Jungle
~The Hills
~Gossip Girl
(Wow I watch very shallow TV)

4 things that make me really happy:

~Singing my girls a song at bedtime while cuddling.
~A clean house! (I have a cleaning lady that comes every three weeks. I LOVE her! And I love coming home to a wonderfully clean house)
~Finding a new pair of jeans that I just have to have
~Being at the river, floating down in our boat, soaking up the sun, listening to my girls laugh

*Note to self- Be more interesting in the next four years! I am way too mommy-fied :)

I tag Jenni, Laura, and Lyndsey
I look forward to reading how different your life was 10 years ago :)