Sunday, August 31, 2008

Old Friends, New Friends

Two of my closet friends from high school and I took our kids to the zoo this summer. It was a lot of chasing down kids, snack sharing and toddler mischief. The kids had a great time while the moms got a workout. It was tons of fun. We rarely get together as we are all working moms and Jessica lives up in Sacramento now. It was really cool having our kids playing together knowing we have been friends since the 3rd grade and our kids are now developing new friendships.

Kai & Addee brushing Billy.

Kai, Addee, Charlee, Kaden, and baby Logan

All the big kids watching the monkeys

Taking a break at the gorilla exhibit

Dancing in the streets.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Neener Neener

I bet our castle is better than yours.

Are there any frogs out there that are in need of a few kisses from two cute princesses?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

This idea was taken from Angie's new fun Wordful Wednesday.

Head over to her blog (after you leave us a know how we love comments) to see her Wordful Wednesday as it will surely put a smile on your face.

down the hallway "Mommy I need new diapie"

This is what I came out too.
I think she was right in her screaming
Is it wrong that I left her like this even longer as I sought out my camera to document my entertainment for the day?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Iphone Update

I wouldn't normally update on this topic but quite a few of you seemed interested in my opinion. Sooo... I think I going to keep it. I love the texting. I love the you tube function. And the map/GPS ability has come in handy more than once already. I still have a few issues with the picture taking and sending but I have adjusted. I figured out the email problem and have come to an agreement with the phone :) The one piece of advice I have is...if you have big fingers (haha, I know this is a strange obsevation) it might be difficult to use the keyboard. I have found that I have to use the very tip of my fingers and I have heard my fellow male coworkers being annoyed by there you go. Take it or leave it. I'm taking mine...hopefully it lasts the 2 years I have till I can get another discount on a new phone.

Red Handed

If you have ever been to our house and left feeling as though you might be missing something like a piece of gum, chapstick (a big fav), a pen, or keys you might be right.

We have a thief amongst us. The smallest, blondest thief I think the world may ever witness.

Caught red handed.

Still even after being caught trying to hide her stash.

I think she needs to work on her get away and possibly her poker face.

Guilt is written all over her face.

Yes, she is under the table.

And yes those are 20's. She has escalated in her crimes.

America's Most Wanted we have one of your top ten

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday-Off to save the wild west

Monday, August 18, 2008

This is what happens...

When Daddy has 10 of friends over for their annual Fantasy Football Draft and one of daddy's friends leaves a pen in the reach of one certain toddler.

This of course was after the certain toddler featured, along with her sidekick, took off all their clothes including their diapers during nap and pee peed all over the floor. They were nice enough to empty out all of their clothes from their dresser drawers and to help clean it up.
I know you all wish you were as lucky as me :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Retirement

Our Papa retired this past week.
He worked for 31 years with LA Co. We had a big ole' party to celebrate. I think everyone had a great time. I know my girls sure did. They were the hit of the party. I think they got Papa's dancing gene as they were on the dance floor all night.

Papa & Addee
How cute is he in his retirement hat?
Sister, me, mom with Addee, Papa with Charlee, brother, sister in law
With his gift from work. Papa rides Harley's so they made him a motorcycle sprinkler system. Pretty cool huh?
My sweet brother giving a great toast,
Dancing machines
So much fun...all night long

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Summer Fun Photo

My photo for the Summer Fun Photo
Five Minutes for Mom is hosting a Summer Fun Photo Contest sponsored by Skinny Cow. You could win $500 if your Summer Fun themed photo wins the contest! I don’t know about you, but I could use $500!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Morning Workout

Charlotte has been working out with her daddy.
Both of my lovies are getting very toned :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


After finding my cell phone at the bottom of my dish water filled sink, thanks to the dynamic duo, I was out in search of a new phone. Being a mac user I decided to try out the new Iphone 3g. I had to wait 12 days to get it. Those 12 days were filled with much anticipation. I was so excited when they called to let me know it had come in and I could come pick up my new toy. I left the store all giddy only to be cursing it 30 minutes later. Once I let it 'fall asleep' I could not figure how to turn it back on. In my defense I had a case put on it in the store that covered up that special button on top that 'wakes' up your screen. Lame design in my opinion. I am giving it another week to see if I like it any more than I do now. I think it is a cool phone just maybe not right for me. I can't get it to link up to my personal email which is hotmail and I am not very happy about the picture sending and receiving. How hard is it to allow pics to be sent by text? Why do they have to travel thru email? I will let you know how my saga turns out. This time I am getting the insurance for sure.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beach Camping

I realized that I never posted pics from our camping trip in Dana Point. It was our first 'camping' trip with the girls. And it was a major success. We camped with 4 other families. There were 10 kids in all. Ranging from 13 months to 7 years. It was pretty chaotic but loads of fun. Our campsites were in a square so the kids just got to run between the 4 sites having the time of their lives. We are already on the books for next year and I cannot wait.

Tony & Charlee playing in the water.
Charlee chillin out
Two campers with their Caterpillar lanterns
Sitting by the campifire. This was actually the only part of camping I wasn't a fan of. I was TERRIFIED my girls were gonna fall in the fire.
The girls with Brooke
All but two of the kids at the aquarium.
All the kids were fascinated by the crabs in the water below.
Playing one morning
Addee and Jacob early one morning
It was so beautiful to wake up to this every morning.
We had perfect weather and a perfect time.

Two Week Countdown...

Big things are on the horizon for our little family of four.
Some of you know that my hubby, the pillar of our family, works for Country Wide which is now Bank of America. Well this has been a very stressful time for us since his 'place' at CW/BoA has been up in the air. Obviously it wasn't a good idea to wait till he was laid off so he was out on the prowl looking for a new job. It has been a looooong process but we have confirmation. He starts a new job on Aug. 18th. It's a wonderful opportunity for him and for our family. It is going to most likely ensure big changes for us. His new job in Pasadena will be 1 hour away from our house. And when I work I also drive an hour to work. Coincidentally our jobs will now be 10 minutes apart . So it only makes sense for us to move closer to our jobs. This is going to be really difficult for me. Right now we have the support of both my mom and my mother in law. They both live within 1o minutes from us. We have my brother, who is expecting his first baby, that also lives within walking distance from us. I think it so wonderful that on most days my girls get to see all their grandparents and their uncle. When we move we will have no family or friends nearby. Our closest friends will be about 45 minutes away. I know we will make new friends but we can't make new family members. I am realizing that we have been really blessed to have had our family so close and feel thankful for having them when we needed them most during the first years with our girls. I'm sure there are some of you reading this thinking I am crazy for being stressed about moving an entire hour away from our family. And yes that is sarcasm. I have decided that I am not one of those people who can move across the country away from my family. It could be that I grew up with extended family all within a few hours of us. We spent, and still do, every holiday together. I have so many wonderful memories of family get together's and I want my girls to have those same kinds of memories. I am just spoiled. It has been easy for us. Our girls have never been left with any one other than family and our nanny that we met through our church so thinking about having to find a stranger to take care of my girls is already causing me anxiety
and we haven't even starting house hunting yet. LOL.
I know we will be fine. I hope we will love our new neighborhood like we love our neighborhood now. I am excited to take advantage of all the the benefits that will come with living just outside the LA area. The one thing I am sure of is that I will love my new commute. I have been driving an hour each way for 8 years. What will I do with those extra 2 hours a day? Hmmmm...squeeze and kiss my girls over and over till they scream for mercy. That sounds like a good plan to me.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Outta the mouths of babes

These are just a few of things I never thought I would hear my 2 year olds say.

Addee: You're a tooterbutt
Charlee: No, You're a tooterbutt
Addee: No! You tooterbutt! (much louder)
Charlee: No. No. No. (crying)

Addee: Mommy I have a tummy ache. I need a Rolaid.
Me: laughing

Addee: Mommy you have big boobies and daddy has little boobies.
Me: Thanks for noticing.

Addee: Daddy I want a tampon.
Me: laughing
Daddy: You need to talk to mommy about that.
Me: more laughing