Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My lil' pumpkins

We visited 2 different pumpkin patches this year. One is an actual pumpkin patch that you can go visit with hay rides, petting zoos, hay stacks and corn mazes. The other is the one that appears in the vacant lot down the street with over priced pumpkins and expensive rides. Both were big hits with our girls. They loved all the rides, mazes and animals.

These poor pumpkins were subjected to the twinados having a 'who can throw their pumpkin the farthest' competition.
Charlee loved her gourd.
(Why are my kids pants so high water?)Her sister did too.They really wanted to bring these home with us.
On the covered wagon ride thru the corn fields.
Oh no the huge pumpkin ate Addee.
Giant haystack.
Meandering thru the pumpkins.
With daddy & uncle Adam.
Unfortunately this is the best picture I got of both days.
Spin, spin, spin.
We spent most of our ride tickets on this giant slide.
An old favorite.
Here piggy piggy.
This was right before Addee stuck her finger up the piggy's nose.
I'm taking this one home.

Happy Halloween!

Wordful Wednesday

Our new favorite past time is digging in the dirt.

We have exhausted every shovel and sand toy in our house.
We then resorted to our tea set plates,
where we made beautiful birthday cakes.
Once we even snuck into Mommy's silver
and used her spoons and salad tongs.
This did not make mommy happy so...
we are back to using shovels and tea party plates.
Come over and enjoy one of our delicious birthday cakes.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Confessions part 1

It's not a big secret in my family that I have an obsession with shoes.
(and jeans but that is another post)

I have a ton of shoes.

Sometimes I buy a pair of shoes that don't match anything in my closet.

I then have to go out and buy clothes to match my new shoes.

I don't see this as a problem, others may object.

This barely scratches the surface of my shoe empire. But these are on my favorite list at the moment.

Well my obsession has spread.

Not to other accessories.

But to my girls.

And I am proud to announce that even at a young age they seem to enjoy my obsession.

They share my passion for foot wear.

All of these shoes plus quite a few more fill my girls closet. And a matching pair for each.

My poor husband.

Now he will have three shoe divas in the house.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Festival

The annual Fall Festival was two weeks ago so we buttoned up our coats and put on our hoodies and headed out to enjoy the festivites. Of course the only cold days all year fell on the two days the festival was in town.
The girls still had a blast.
The theme is medieval so there are fairies and dragons wondering around.
They also have a fairy garden and a dragon's lair that you can go inside and visit.
We ventured into the fairy garden but steered clear of the Dragon's lair as the girls have decided that monsters are scary and have been known to chase them around our house. So I am trying to keep any 'real' monsters at bay for a while.
The fairy garden was above and beyond awesome. They really outdid themselves on decorations. The girls keep talking about the fairies...(insert mommy's brain spinning how cute a fairy party would be for their next birthday)Bridge to fairy land.
The girls with the fairies.
I swear they were having fun.
Fairy garden.
Making fairy crafts.
This lady sang opera as she was wheeled around the park.
She also had a puppet show that danced on the stage in her dress.
The girls were a little scared of her.
A Leite girl favorite. The swings!
Helicopter ride.
The Traveling African Acrobats were very cool.
The girls were glued to the fence.
A giant flower fairy and a dragonfly meandering thru the park.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

There is a new accessory in all the style magazines that is looking to be all the rage.

Its crazy universal.

Headband, eye wear, or necklace, whatever you are feeling at the time.

It's been spotted on all the big celebs.

Cameron, Paris, and Brittany are just to name a few.

I happen to have the first photos of the trendsetter in my possession.

I plan on selling them to US magazine for big dollars.

As seen at the El Pollo Loco waiting to get the 7 legs & thighs $5.99 deal.
On Sunday morning after a long night of partying in her crib.
At the newest hot spot enjoying the chef's special.

(I will state that the 'star' pictured is the same every time. Charlotte definitely has her own special flair for fashion.)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday Night Lights

It was homecoming at our high school alma mater this past weekend.
So we ventured out with girls in tow to watch the football game.
It sure has changed in the past 13 years for me, 15 for Tony.
First off our varsity football team pretty much remained in the bottom of the ranks when we were in school and now they are dominating the league.
They beat Antelope Valley 65-0.
Fun for us not so much for the 10 AV fans in the visitors section.
The girls enjoyed yelling go Falcons!
And liked seeing football in person as opposed to on TV.
We ran into a lot of old faces and talked about high school days. It was an overall fun evening but I don't see it happening again for another 15 years :)Go Falcons! Watching every play.Which lasted about 5 minutes then they resorted to fun on the bleachers.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you ready for some football...

What does your hubby do on Sunday mornings?

Sunday afternoons?

Sunday evenings?

If you are as lucky as me your hubby helps you redecorate your living room...

with two extra tv's, so he can watch three football games all at once.

This is actually a step down from a few years ago. Before we had the girls he would relocate a total of 4 TV's into the living room so he could watch 5 games simultaneously.
I can just about feel your jealously as you are reading this.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

Yes this is cheese from a can.
Yes I feed my child cheese from a can.
And yes I was feeding it to her straight from the can.

I'm not sure why she looks so pained.
She was lovin' the easy cheese.
I had to lie and tell them the can was empty.

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Monday, October 13, 2008


If you live in SoCal take your kids to the KidSpace Museum in Pasadena. They will love it. There is so much to do for kids of all ages. They have specific rooms for certain ages, water play, outdoor really is very cool. They have a membership which is totally reasonable so you can go as much as you like. We will be back.

Ready to slide down the rainbow palace.
Silly faces in the funny mirror.
Playdough station.
Story time. The girls loved this.
In the construction zone.
Experimenting with big magnets.
Painting the water color leaf.
Climbing to the top of the tree house.
In the landslide simulator.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back to the river

We squeezed in one last trip to the river last weekend before the weather has us traveling out there with the dirt toys rather than the water toys. And we were kinda tired of Addee asking to go to the river. That girl is a true river rat.
They wake up with the sun and stay up still they can't keep their eyes open any longer the entire time we are there. They LOVE the river. Not that I blame them. I have always been a big fan as well.
I love that they have the same ideas for fun.

Just thought I would post some pictures of our last hurrah of the summer.

Taking their babies on a wagon ride.
They were ducking down to keep the wind off their faces, all the while giggling uncontrollably.
Sweet Charlee Bean.
Charlee shot putting a cracker to a hungry duck.
Huddled together early one morning so Uncle Adam and Daddy could get some glass for wake boarding.
Helping pull in the rope.
I know these bath suits are too much but I just couldn't resist.
Rock skipping beauties.
Yet another family photo op at the river.
At the sandbar with Uncle Adam.