Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Festival

The annual Fall Festival was two weeks ago so we buttoned up our coats and put on our hoodies and headed out to enjoy the festivites. Of course the only cold days all year fell on the two days the festival was in town.
The girls still had a blast.
The theme is medieval so there are fairies and dragons wondering around.
They also have a fairy garden and a dragon's lair that you can go inside and visit.
We ventured into the fairy garden but steered clear of the Dragon's lair as the girls have decided that monsters are scary and have been known to chase them around our house. So I am trying to keep any 'real' monsters at bay for a while.
The fairy garden was above and beyond awesome. They really outdid themselves on decorations. The girls keep talking about the fairies...(insert mommy's brain spinning how cute a fairy party would be for their next birthday)Bridge to fairy land.
The girls with the fairies.
I swear they were having fun.
Fairy garden.
Making fairy crafts.
This lady sang opera as she was wheeled around the park.
She also had a puppet show that danced on the stage in her dress.
The girls were a little scared of her.
A Leite girl favorite. The swings!
Helicopter ride.
The Traveling African Acrobats were very cool.
The girls were glued to the fence.
A giant flower fairy and a dragonfly meandering thru the park.


Churchill said...

Wow that looks like a ton of fun/

Laura said...

What a cool place! I am dying over how cute they keep looking in their pony tails! I have loved that on them in several of your recent posts!

angie said...

This looks so neat. I've never heard of it. Must have been the weekend we rolled into town. :)

Connie said...

How fun!! We love fairies around here as well....we even correspond with the flower fairies in our garden!!

Jaime said...

That looks awesome! I bet your girls absolutely loved it!

PS You've been tagged!:)

Casey's trio said...

I love the fairy garden!! My girls would have been scared of most of the stuff too...must be the age.

Shannon said...

That looks amazing! The girls look like they had a ball.

SO glad you and the fam are enjoying G-ma Jessie's banana bread. It has been my fave since I was a little girl. Glad to pass the love along!

Cookie said...

Wow! That is some festival. All we had was a corn maze that frustrated the kids after the first 20 minutes.

Kellan said...

Looks like so much fun - what great pictures - love the fairies!

Have a good week - Kellan

Kim said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the garden! Again another fun thing in So Ca. I might have to move there!!!

Debra said...

WOW! That is simply FANTASTIC! I wish that we had those fairy activities, my girls would be in HEAVEN!

jenni anne said...

how fun!! my girls are so into fairies right now, and i think we'll have to do a fairy party next year too. i'm trying to figure how to do a "fairy/mermaid" party, since they each have a favorite.