Friday, January 30, 2009

Show me your...

Silly faces...Charlotte often looks up to her right when she is being silly.
I think her silly angel/naughty sits on that shoulder.
And Addison is planning on licking you with her silliness.

Mad faces...
So now I know when Addison makes this face she is mad.
I thought she needed to poo :)
I think Charlotte had more of a what you talking 'bout Willis face but watch out either way.

Now your cute smiling cheeks...
Hey not those cheeks.

My little girls now think they are too big to take baths.
So now they lay down in the shower to bathe.
It's so fun to be a twin.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Just out for a stroll with our babies.

Don't mind that it is pretty dark outside
and we still have sunglasses on.

We are very fashion forward at the moment.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

I just wanted a moustache like Papa.

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Bryce Adam

He is FINALLY here!!
5 days late but worth all the wait.
7 lbs. 14oz.
21 in.
Born 1/20/09
1:20 pm
He is so beautiful, and I love him so much.
His mommy was a rock star.
She pushed for 7 minutes and out came the most perfect baby ever.
She didn't even ruin her makeup :)
He looks just like my brother but with his mommy's beautiful mouth.
He even has his daddy's dimples that will let him get away with everything
just like they did for my brother.
Welcome to our family Bryce.
We are so excited you are here.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My almost three year olds

I haven't posted in a while about the girls ever changing personalities.
They have really blossomed in the last year into
two beautiful little girls.
Sometimes I really miss the babies they once were.
Other times I find myself looking forward to
the next phase of their lives.
Either way I am just trying to enjoy every second I can
with my two favorite people.
There are a lot of things that are the same between you two
but so many more that are different.
We love helping you emerge into the two amazing people you are already on your way to becoming.

You are very sensitive, you love to tell me "I wuv you mommy",
you call us mom & dad (much to our dislike), you adore your sister,
you make friends very easily,
you love your trampolineand jump so care free,
you love to play mommy and are very attentive to your baby,
you are 95% potty trained,
you get your feeling hurt easily if someone is mean or yells,
you are such a great sleeper and your preferred spot is as close to sister as you can get which at times make sister a little annoyed,
you like to share so you can see the other person happy,
you sing all the time,
you have become such a mommy's girl,
you love makeup, jewelry and all things girly,
having your toenails painted is very important,
you seem to always notice when I have something new on
and like to tell me how pretty I am,
you are in love with your hot pink boots
and have been for quite some time,
you have frequent tummy 'aches' that can only be soothed by tums,
you are the best cuddler, you love to be rubbed,
you learn new skills quickly,
you are very gentle and sweet,
I love how you rub my face when I sing you your bedtime song,
you can spell your last name, sing your ABC's, count to 10,
and count to 5 in spanish.

You are very strong willed,
you can be very serious at times, you have the best belly laugh ever and sister can almost always bring that out of you,
you are extremely protective of your sister
and play the big sister role well,
you love your trampoline but would rather jump alone
so you can get as high as possible,
you love to play mommy with your sister,
you also love to have people watch you,
you like to sing and like to make up your own sillysongs,
you have been a daddy's girl for quite a while,
you love having your toenails painted like mommy,
you love to help mommy cook and will taste just about anything,
you love all shoes but have a fascination with running shoes lately,
you also have frequent tummy 'aches' that can only be soothed by tums,
you have to make sure mommy or daddy
are outside your door all night,
you say the silliest things sometimes
and love to repeat what we tell you,
you really enjoy making people laugh, you can be a bit bossy at times,
you are very smart and remember the smallest details,
we love how enthusiastic you are about learning new things,
you also can spell your last name, sing your ABC's, count to 10,
and count to 5 in spanish.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

'Bye Mommy, We're going fishin'

10 minutes later I found them here.

Papa got them these cute princess fishing poles for Christmas and they have been dying to go.

I guess they gave up on waiting for someone to take them to a real lake and they settled on the water in the gutter.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hula Hoopin'

Charlotte is on the left with her signature hip shimmy at the end of the spin.

and not to be outdone...

Addison has perfected the opposite spin around inside the hula hoop.

Even mommy and Uncle Adam were in on the action.

However we were smart enough to remain off camera :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Writer's Workshop

So Ms. Kathy over at Mama's Losin' It hosts a weekly writing prompt.

I always read them as quite a few of my fellow bloggy mommy's participate but I have never joined in on the fun myself.

This week's topic seemed an easy one to get me started.

I picked the prompt:
2.) Ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you?

So I asked my hubby.

Now he is either in a REALLY good mood or I am one Awesome Mama.
(It's probably a combination of both and maybe has a little to do with getting some extra lovin')


Now personally I love that sexy is right next to motherly.

My favorite is that he sees me as a friend. I really do think of him as my best friend. He is the first person I want to call when even the silliest little thing happens.

I feel really fortunate that he feels this way about me even if he might have an underlying motive. He came up with these in no time at all which is always a good sign :)

Thanks Babe!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

We are in the midst of potty training the girls.

I have to admit that this is one of my least favorite milestones.

We have invested in over 45 pairs of tinker bell, my little pony and butterfly panties of which we are going thru over 20 a day between the girls.

I know that I will be insanely happy once it is over and both girls are fully potty trained but right now the light at the end of the tunnel is very dim.

One of the signs that the girls were ready to start using the big girl potties was their curiosity in big girl panties.

In the spirit of WW here are my girls in some (obviously not their) 'big girl' panties.
These particular panties were worn for quite a few hours before I was allowed to remove them.

Hope you enjoyed!
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