Sunday, April 26, 2009


I really need to be better at posting these pictures closer to the actual event but as my blog states
Better Leite Than Never
Making special cupcakes with Aunt Kam and grandma.
And by special I mean some of the candies sprinkled on top may have been taste tested
Addee with her Easter grass.
Charlee was so good at balancing her eggs.
Addee liked using her hands.
Putting the finishing touches on the eggs.
And by finishing touches I mean cracking them on the counter and smooshing them in their fists.
Charlee Easter morning.
Addee Easter morning.
I Heart my sister.
Ready to hunt.
I found the golden egg!!!
They were really good at hunting.
Kisses to my sis.
Mommy & her girls.

Hope you all had a fantabulous Easter!


Casey's trio said...

The pictures are always fun to see...even weeks later:)

Anonymous said...

Simply adorable!! Special added touches are my favorite!! LOL

Annie said...

You said the correct words: Better Leite than NEVER. I like all the adorable pictures.

Have a nice week.

SouthernDogwoods said...

How sweet! I love to see sisterly love!!!! Your girls are so precious!

Jocasta said...

Happy Easter - beautiful pictures (as always :) )

Drama Queen Jenner said...

If you'd posted these pictures weeks ago, they would have been lost in the shuffle. This is better. They're left on everyone's mind.

Kate said...

If I haven't already said it, or said it recently, your girls are ADORABLE. I love your posts. They always make me smile!!! Great pics.