Monday, May 11, 2009

Another MoMo Reunion

The second annual SoCal MoMo reunion took place this past weekend.

For those of you who don't know what a MoMo is go here.

When I first found out I was carrying my MoMo twins the women
on the site saved my sanity.
They were amazing sources of information and support that I needed.

I don't get on there much anymore to offer the support to the newly diagnosed as I would like but I have stayed in touch with a few special MoMo mommies outside of the site.

Fortunately for me one of those women lives in SoCal and I was able to meet to her in the flesh after a 3+ year friendship over support sites, blogs and emails.

Many of my followers (mommy bloggers) will be familiar with her and will most likely be jealous of my meeting for she is just as awesome in person as she appears 'online'.

I so enjoyed meeting Angie and her boys. And they are even cuter in person then in pictures believe me. And sweet too. We had to bribe her boys and my girls to take a picture together. My girls just ran off when I asked them to stand next to Jacob and John but when Angie first asked
Jacob to take a picture with my girls he politely said "No thank you".
Love this.
Little do they know Angie & I have already planned for the four of them to marry years from now.

Jacob and Addison.
So adorable Jacob.
Charlotte and John.
All 4 monkies.
My girls and Jessica's girls.
There were 5 sets of MoMo's total.
Angie with her boys.
My heart melts.
John, Jacob, Charlotte & Addison.
One of the smallest of the MoMo clan lying on his Daddy's lap.
I believe this was Owen.


Claremont First Ward said...

Believe me, meeting you and the girls was such a treat. I've been dying to meet you all for so long. You got some great shots, too. Most of my shots are similar. The lighting was really bright that day. And, who took that picture of me (standing up looking "touched"-as in not all there) while sitting on the ground? :)

Laura said...

How fun. I am certainly jealous. I have met Angie and her boys and I can concur they are wonderful. They would be lucky to marry your cuties because they are sooo cute! Someday I hope to meet you too!

Mama Zen said...

What a gorgeous, gorgeous bunch of kids! I bet that was a lot of fun.

Shannon said...

So, so fun! It is almost surreal seeing Charlotte and Addison and Jacob and John all together. Looks like great fun was had by all.

I am going to get out there very soon. My mom lives is Phoenix and I plan to get out west this year. Perhaps without all the crew. A quick trip to So. Cal would be no problemo. I'll keep you posted.

Casey's trio said...

Fun times! If I am ever in L.A. I will be sure to plan a meet-up with you all:)

Jaime said...

What a treat! I am actually surprised you hadn't met before. I guess I just assumed you had. Awesome!!

SouthernDogwoods said...

What a blessing!!!! How cool! Great pictures!!!

Stephanie said...

Shannon is's surreal seeing the four kids together in one photo! What an awesome day - I can only imagine! I'm sure there was a great HUG shared :)

Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

Awww-that is so cool!!
I met another blogger recently soon, its just a great experience.
The pics are great, they are all so cute.

Cookie said...

Great pictures! It's amazing how much support an online community can be :)

Karen said...

So cool to see you all together. Looks like a great day! Hope we get invited to the wedding!

Kim said...

That is fantastic that you all got to meet. The pictures are great. Too bad I live so far away! ;)

Lyndsey said...

So sad we missed it. Glad you took pics!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Wouldn't be something if they really did marry when they're older?! That'd be SO cool! We haven't had our momo reunion yet here in the merry midwest. Hopefully soon! Looks like you all had a great time!

Kate said...

So cool! I wish I could meet another Momo family! Doesn't seem to be very many in New York though! I wonder if anyone is in Florida, I'll be there for a month... Anyway, too cute!

Lottie_Ellie said...

Looks like fun was had by all!