Monday, January 11, 2010

The Smoothie

While coming home from the grocery store...
Addison: Can I have my yogurt smoothie?
Me: Not now we are in the car. After I unload the groceries you can have one.
Charlotte: Can I have MY smoothie?
Me: Not till we get home, like I just told your sister.
2 minutes later
Addison: Can I have my smoothie now?
Me: No.
Addison: When can I have it?
Me: After I unload all the groceries.
Addison: But I want it now.
Me: You are gonna have to wait just a few minutes.
Addison: I really want to drink my smoothie. I am starving.
Getting out of the car
Addison: Can I have my smoothie nooooooow?
Me: In a minute
Addison: I really really want my smoothie Momma.
Me: Not yet. And if you ask again you will have to wait till after dinner
1 minute later?
Addison: I am not gonna ask about my smoothie, but can I sing about it?
Me: I suppose so. (smiling)
Addison: (singing) I love smoothies. When am I gonna get my smoothie. Smoothie, smoothie, Smooooothie, smoothie, SMOOTHIE! When will I get my smoothie.
Then Charlotte chimes in :)



SouthernDogwoods said...

Our girls are so much alike. I had this same identical conversation with my girls on Monday about the very same drink!

Life Happens said...

Awesome - they're really using critical thinking skills - they're way ahead of lots of people we encounter every day - the ones who say "no, we've never done that before" or "that's not part of my job" kind of stuff.

Cookie said...

My kids love danimals too... and they drive me crazy with these kind of conversations. You are much more patient than I am!

Annie said...

Hahaha, they are so funny. I like that she don't ask again and just decided to sing, smart girl.

Laura said...

This made me laugh! Singing has got to be better than whining! I have a love/hate relationship with danimals. My kids love them and I hate dealing with the fighting and the fact that with four kids they are gone in just one day!