Friday, May 14, 2010

4 Years

My big 4 year olds
These are the things that come to mind when I think of you two.

AddisonYou love to dance,
you love being the big (1 minute older) sister,
you are the queen of smiley faces with a squished nose,
you always eat your veggies first and ask for more,
you always want what mommy has
(high heeled shoes, new bangs, etc. )
you are very aware of sadness
and happiness when you are around it,
you are very coordinated when it comes to sports,
you still would like mommy or daddy to be in your line of sight,
you love new shoes, you love to cook,
love pointing out the letter A,
can cross the monkey bars with no help
and swing on the swings all by your self

CharlotteYou are such a comedian, you are so sensitive,
you are always singing, and making up songs,
you have started to not like things
you used to love just because you can,
you are starting to say the smartest things,
you are so sweet even to people you don't know,
you always notice when I have something new on,
you really are a tough cookie, you are becoming very independent,
you are so silly, you love all things music specially guitars,
you love having a big extended family
and like figuring out who is your family,
you want all your friends to be in your family,
you end up upside down and backwards in your bed every morning

Together you...Love all Barbie movies, adore your cousins,
love being outside, love playing in water,
have started to be scared at night in the dark,
love your soccer class, love your friends,
love having sleepovers at Grandma Diggers house,
enjoy taking pictures of people,
love to cuddle with your family,
would eat cereal every meal of the day,
don't like having your hair brushed
but love having pig tails,
would wear your yellow princess (flower girl)
dress everyday if we let you,
want to be Hannah Montana!!


Lindy said...

They bring such joy to this grandma. You are the best ever mommy Jenny. I thank God all the time that Tony picked you and you gave him those 2 beautiful girls. Love you, Lindy (MIL)

The Cute Girl said...

I LOVE this. :)

Casey's trio said...

Such a sweet post! Love their individuality and the things they like together :)

Nicole @MTDLBlog said...

I love this post! I'll have to remember to do this on all my girls birthdays. It's a great way to commemorate the day and jot down some quick thoughts on their individuality. :-D

Connie said...

Oh Jenny, I'm so glad I checked in today!! What a great post. Those girls are just amazing and I cannot believe they are 4 already.

Annie said...

Love your post!!!

Laura said...

I love how you wrote about each girl separately and together. You are an amazing mom blessed with these sweet and beautiful girls! Four years old... NO POSSIBLE WAY!!!