Saturday, June 28, 2008

Old Friends

My oldest friend, Jessica, from grade school came down from Sacramento to visit us for the week. She has a little boy, Kai, who is just a few months older than the girls. They are having a great time. Kai gets a little intimidated by the girls a times. He has told his mommy they scare him :) I think two screaming little girls is enough to scare anyone. I will post pics from the weekend after she leaves. We are having lots of fun with Jess & Kai!

Water park fun

I took the girls to Dry Town Water Park a few days ago to cool off from the scorching sun. They had a pretty good time. They weren't really big fans of the slides and playground area because they don't like water splashed in their faces but they have a lazy river that we spent A LOT of time on. They really liked just lounging on the raft.
Addee Mac
Addee left, Charlee right
Brave Charlee gets a little deeper
My little sunbather, Addee.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Star Gazers

My three favorite people laying in our driveway looking up at the stars.

We also happen to live right in the path of airplanes coming in to land at Burbank airport, however many miles out. We love to sit out on the driveway and watch the planes fly overhead.
The girls love to pick out the planes from the stars at night as their lights blink way up in the sky. I swear Chuck B has Spider man vision. She can spot the tiniest blinking light before any of us.

***Please disregard the horrible outfit choice on my usually well dressed children. My loving hubby likes to drive me crazy sometimes***

Dirty Girls

When your bath tub looks like this...

You know your kids needed a bath. Badly. Really Badly.
I wish I had pictures of the dirty girls but we were in a mad dash to get them into the tub.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're Baaaack!

Raise your hands if you had fun on vacation...
We did! We did!
We were so sad to leave the river Sunday. We had SO much fun. The girls did great. We went with our friends the Rowes'. The Rowes have a 6 year old, a 2 year old and a 3 month old. So there was lots of action going on. We hung out on the river all day. The girls loved to drive fast. We took a night cruise on the boat that was so amazing. The girls really enjoyed looking at all the stars and the moon. All 5 kids fell asleep on the boat which was nice for the adults. They played so hard all day that they even took naps on the boat.
Three cute booties

Building mud castles with Kate
Nap time on daddy in the boat
Chuck B and mommy
The three amigos dressed alike for dinner.
Everyone thought they were triplets.
Mommy and Addee on the shore
Chuck B & Gary.
She LOVES this boy.
Driving fast on the boat.
Don King hair :)
Addee Mac riding in the bow
Chuck B poses for the camera
These two are so cute together.
He is the sweetest 6 year old.
Working on their tans.

The girls keep talking about all the fun they had. They loved their vacation and so did mommy and daddy. We can't get out their again soon enough. We think the Rowe's are even thinking about buying the house next to ours that is for sale. How cool will that be?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One More Thing

We are off on vacation. Almost all packed up and ready to head out to the Colorado River. 4 Days of bliss. Boating, swimming, sunbathing, you name it we are gonna do it. The girls are so excited. They keep saying 'boat ride, boat ride.' Hope you have a fabulous weekend.Here are the girls at our trailer the last trip we took.Ready for their boat ride.

Way To Go Chuck B!!

Disclaimer: Not for the squeamish...

Last night Charlotte told us she needed to poop. She we asked her if she wanted to poop on the big girls potty. She got very excited and we ran to the bathroom. She sat down and a minute later the toilet started singing the pee pee song. (Yes we have a singing toilet) I was shocked. Both girls have told us before they have had to poop and never any real poop is delivered. BUT Low and Behold there was a perfect little poop in the potty when she stood up. We start clapping and singing the usual song when one of the girls pee pee's in the potty but Chuck B was not excited. She was looking at the poop with a very disgusted look on her face. She then slams down the lid to the potty and walks away. I think she might have been traumatized by the sight of her poop in the potty. Poor girl is most likely not going to tell us again when she needs to potty. She will probably go in the safety of her diaper where she doesn't have to look at it. Not that I really blame her.

Song Birds

We have reached the time in our lives where beautiful songs are filling our heads all day :)

Old Mac Donald is a favorite right now. Unfortunately they decided to get a lil' camera shy...go figure.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Spring is here, Spring is here...

It's the best time of the year!

In the midst of the sickness the girls have been enjoying the warm weather. Tony put some new plants in the front of house and it looks really pretty. The girls really like to help water the plants.

This one must have been extra thirsty.

We've Been Sick

The tummy bug had it's way with both the girls for the past week. And unfortunately not at the same time. Addison got it first and not as bad. Two days later Charlotte started with the same symptoms. Addison was fine by day three so we figured Charlotte would follow suit. However she decided to hang on to her tummy ache a few days longer. Saturday morning she woke up her usual self, smiling, laughing, running around and we thought great she is all better. We had to make a run to AAA to get some papers notarized so we make it a family trip. While the notary is filling out all the papers Charlotte throws up all over herself and the floor of AAA. I swear everyone in that room looked at Tony & I like we were parents of the year. Tony runs off to the bathroom with Charlotte leaving me with a the pile of throw up and one very curious toddler. Thankfully I had a cleaning agent in my diaper bag and I got that floor, I think, maybe even cleaner than before we got there. Haha. While I am cleaning the floor I see Addison out of the corner of my eye standing 20 feet away under what look like a purel dispenser. I think nothing of. She is not touching anything. She is just standing under it looking at it. When I finish cleaning up the mess Charlotte had made I walk over to Addison and realize that the dispenser is an automatic dispenser and she is now covered in antibacterial solution. I guess it could be worse. I'm sure the workers who know how that machine works were thinking why is that mom letting her kid stand under that thing. I seriously think we handled it well considering however I'm not sure how soon I will show my face in that AAA gain.