Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One busy weekend

This weekend was filled with activities.

We had dinner with friends on Friday night
and afterwards had all the kids and parents back to our house
to take a night time swim.
Well before we knew it the clock read midnight and all six kids
were still swimming away.
Needless to say we all slept in nice and late Saturday morning.

Saturday we had yet another birthday party for the girls.
I swear these girls get invited to more birthday parties than anyone I know.
It was a pool party so more swimming and thank goodness
since it was over 100 this weekend.
Elmo even made an appearance which made Addison so happy.
Charlotte, not so much.

Saturday night we had margarita night on the driveway with our neighbors.
All the kids run wild and the adults get some grown up time.
We really have a wonderful group of neighbors.

Sunday morning we woke up late again.
And I got a crazy notion that we needed to do something fun. Again.
As if we had been sitting around all weekend. :)
So we decided to take the girls cherry picking.
They had a blast. We all did.
The cherries were delish and still are seeing as we had two buckets full.
The girls turned out to be REALLY good cherry pickers.
I wonder how old they have to be to send out into the farms? :)

Sunday night after quick swim and a loooong nap we met some friends at the park.
The girls swung in the swings and slid down the slide a hundred times.

You would have thought that we had been cooped up indoors
for the last week and needed to get out.

What did you do???

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

*Wordful Wednesday is for those of us that like to showcase a photo(s) but that just can't seem keep our mouths shut about it(them).

Just a few stills from the latest Lil' Miss America pageant.

Introducing Addison McKinsey

Round One
The evening gown portion

In her spare time she enjoys playing with her sister, swimming and gymnastics.

Round Two
The swim wear portion of the competition.
(which she totally nailed)

Align Center
Addison plans on working with children when she gets older.

Round Three
The talent portion

Addison was born to entertain.
In this portion she will perform her princess rendition of interpretive dance.

We will keep you posted on the outcome of the competition but seeing as she is the one and only competitor we think she has good odds of taking home the crown.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute

Well, we'll tell you what it is NOT... It's Not About YOU. It's about SOMEONE ELSE. It's our chance, each of us, to shine our light on someone else.

Huh? Whaddya mean?
We each spend a lot of time talking about ourselves and our lives, but we are also fairly GIVING people too...Tuesday's Tribute is a chance to talk about OTHER people, OTHER blogs, OTHER lives.

So this week I am honoring floaties.
Yes you read it right. Arm floaties.
They keep my girls safe from drowning.
They allow my girls to 'swim' for hours on end in the pool.
They let me relax for a minute on my raft while my girls play in the water.
And after all that greatness my girls take 3 hour naps.
So thank you floaties.
Thank you so very much.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day to one of the best!

We love you Daddy.Daddy got a new beach cruiser for Father's Day
and he took his girls for a ride.

We hope you have a wonderful day Daddy!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not My Kid

My kid totally did not stand there looking right at me
while crying that she did NOT have to pee even though I knew she did
and was trying to make her and then pee in her pants 1 minute later.
Nope not my kid.

My kid did not fill her bib up with more lunch than she consumed
and then take off that same bib
and throw it across the room sending ALL the said lunch flying everywhere.
Nope not my kid.

My kid also was not playing in the sprinklers in the front yard
and drop her bathing suit bottoms and poop in the grass
for ALL the neighbors to see.
Nope not my kid.

My kid did not take one single bite out of every apple in the fruit bowl.
Leaving me 6 apples only suitable for her now.
Nope not my kid.

My kid did bring in her bug catcher FILLED with rolly polly's
and leave it under the dining room table open.
Nope not my kid.

My kid did not squirt water from the backyard hose through
the screen door and all over my kitchen floor.
Nope not my kid.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

*Wordful Wednesday is for those of us that like to showcase a photo(s) but that just can't seem keep our mouths shut about it(them).

I know I have said it before but my Charlotte is just full of spunk.
You may look at this picture and think oh how cute she is napping.
Oh no she asked me to take a picture of her relaxing in the sun.
And I seriously had to take like 10 pictures
and she had to check them on the camera to make sure she liked them.
Oh my lord girl. You are gonna be the death of me.

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Handy Manny's

Don't worry Daddy...
While you are away all the repairs are being made.

Monday, June 1, 2009

See you in a week Daddy

Daddy left yesterday morning for a week on a work adventure.
So it's just us girls, alone all week.
I have a feeling it might be a long week for me.
We also start our Tahoe vacation this weekend
so I have to pack all by myself for all of us.
Daddy is flying in and meeting us up near Sacramento.

Neither Daddy or I have been away longer than one night from the girls.
So Daddy is having a really hard time being so far away for so long.
We miss you Daddy!

He wants me to post a new post daily so he can feel like he isn't missing out.
Hopefully I can keep up :)