Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

My Charlee Bean

I feel that this girl will be the death of me.
She is always into any available jewelry, makeup,
lotion, sunglasses, earrings, you name it.
She has so much sass.
She already gives me the annoyed "mooooom" when I do
something that she thinks is silly.
Seeing as I possess many of these qualities myself I see minor
(haha I wish)
clashes as she gets older and more sassy.
But I sure do love her, sassiness and all.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I really need to be better at posting these pictures closer to the actual event but as my blog states
Better Leite Than Never
Making special cupcakes with Aunt Kam and grandma.
And by special I mean some of the candies sprinkled on top may have been taste tested
Addee with her Easter grass.
Charlee was so good at balancing her eggs.
Addee liked using her hands.
Putting the finishing touches on the eggs.
And by finishing touches I mean cracking them on the counter and smooshing them in their fists.
Charlee Easter morning.
Addee Easter morning.
I Heart my sister.
Ready to hunt.
I found the golden egg!!!
They were really good at hunting.
Kisses to my sis.
Mommy & her girls.

Hope you all had a fantabulous Easter!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Beachy Day

The Saturday before Easter we spent the day with Grandpa & Grammy.
Somehow we managed to get not a single picture with either Grandparent.
(I will do better next time I promise)

It was a beautiful day.
Unfortunately Charlotte was not feeling good
so she was carried A LOT and then fell asleep
before we even made it to the actual water.
But the rest of us had a great day.

Summer & Charlotte get rides from their daddies
Charlotte still hitching a ride
Picture Op
Just before Charlotte fell asleep
Summer and Addison had so much fun
This is my FAVORITE picture
It pretty much sums up Addison every time she is at the beach.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Unbelievable Cuteness!!
And I am not even the tiniest bit biased

These two fairies sprinkle so much love and happiness into my life.
Their fairy dust smiles brighten every room they are in.
And the when they flutter by our hearts fill with joy.

For more WW head over to Angie's blog

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute

TT is all about something other than yourself.

So I post this TT about the wind that can be found at the Poppy reserves.

Most of the time I find wind to be extremely annoying however when it lets my girls kites soar way up in the air I find it wonderful.
My girls loved how their kites circled around in the sky, flying higher and higher.

So wind I write this tribute to you.



I would have loved to write a tribute about
the beauty and awe of the poppy reserves themselves however that could not happen.
Besides the fact there were barely any flowers to be seen
it was so windy that all the flowers were closing so as to protect themselves.
So if you are thinking about heading out for a nice scenic adventure don't bother.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

California Adventure

We already conquered Disneyland so we decided California Adventure was our next mission.

Here come the 8 Leite's!
We invited The San Diego Leite's (Tony's brother and family) to join in on our fun.
The kids had a blast together.
On the tram ride into the park.
Charlotte aka Charlee Bean aka CB
At the bugs life 4D show which we had to leave because it was quite scary.
The Leite cousins all lined up.
In the lady bug cups.
Addee & daddy on the bumper cars.
Charlee & mommy.
Taking a stroll with cousin Summer.
Addee on the golden zephyr with mommy.
CB and daddy.
This ride was kinda scary for little people but mine loved it :)
Addee on the rope bridge.
Again Addee, this girls LOVES cotton candy.
Family photo op.
CB with Wall-E
Addee with Wall-E.
She left him some goldfish to eat later :)

Next up Beach Day with Grandpa & Grammy!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Serious Updates

I am not sure how I got this far behind in updating but I promise to get back on track.

We have been so busy every weekend with something and the girls never seem to slow down long enough for me to get on this very often without them pushing all the buttons and the latest activity of depositing quarters into the CD slot of my laptop. Thanks ladies!!

Anyways...I guess I will give a quick update of recent activities :)

Camping in Ventura was a lot of fun.
We went on the girls birthday so we had a little party with our friends :)At the mission
Playing in the waves with Lauren & Brooke
Charlotte running from the water
Happy birthday sweet girls!

Then we had a little celebration with family for our birthday at our favorite pizza place a few days later.

Tutus from Auntie Nee
Cute dresses from Uncle Adam
Scooters from Grandma & Papa
And bikes from mommy & daddy

Next up...
California Adventure...but that will have to be another post :)