Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Thank goodness for Grandma Digger this year cuz
this mommy was not feeling the Easter celebrations.

Charlotte had to ask to go to see the Easter Bunny.
However she asked us the the day before Easter, so we joined
every other slacker parent in the (over an hour) line
trying to get their kids picture with the Easter Bunny.
I didn't buy any new special Easter dresses.
I didn't make them wear any silly Bunny ears.
I didn't even hard boil any eggs to color.
I know I suck.

But thank goodness for Grandma's.
We went to church Saturday night to a wonderful service with
Grandma Lindy and had a really nice
(night before) Easter dinner.
Then Easter Sunday was spent at Grandma Diggers where she
had eggs to die, cupcakes to frost, and baskets full of goodies. Cupcakes topped with Peeps,
what could be more tasty??
Bunny shaped rice krispie treats made by the girls.
How cute are those aprons?
Grandma's think of everything.
Waiting for Cousin Bryce to get there so they can go egg hunting.
The three amigos.
Fun filled Easter baskets.
And they're off.
Bryce was so cute.
Charlotte found a golden egg.
Addee found one too.
Seriously are these three cute or what??
He was so excited!!
I tried so hard to get a good Easter picture.
This was the best I got.
Look at how happy Addison is?
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!


Annie said...

Two wonderful days with lots of fun. Their aprons are beautiful.

Casey's trio said...

Thank God for Grandma Digger! We didn't dye eggs either, but they got to do it at school! It sure looks like Easter was a fun-filled day!

Colette S said...

Oh the fun they must have! The photos are lovely.

Shannon said...

Gorgeous photos of stunning kids! I adore those Easter treats and bunny aprons. Too cute!

Laura said...

I love the aprons too! Cute! Easter looked saved to me for sure. I wasn't feeling the Easter dress thing either, it was snowing here! Somehow we did get it all done. The thing with Easter is it comes every year again and again.