Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to School

School started back up for the girls.
They have a new class at a new facility with a new teacher.
I was a little (ok A LOT) nervous about how this would go.
Then end of last year didn't go so well.
The girls started crying every time we would leave
just like the beginning of the year.
It was unpleasant to say the least.

But I guess 3 months makes a big difference
in the life of 4 year old.
They LOVE school.
They LOVE their backpacks.
And their teacher.
And their new friends.

Mommy cried when i dropped you off but
it only lasted a minute because I was so happy
that you were smiling and waving goodbye
as you ran off to join your new friends on the carpet.

I took the girls shopping for a first day outfit.
This is what they picked out.
So cute.
New backpacks.
Walking into their classroom.
Name tags.
Kinda self explanatory.
Again, haha.
Apparently they fought over whose backpack was whose
according to their teacher.
So this super saavy mommy sewed
(and by sewed I mean ironed on)
their first initial onto their backpacks.
Problem solved!

You are growing up so fast.
I still cannot believe you are going to be 5 on your next birthday.
That is amazing to me.
I still see little babies when I think about you but you really
are becoming big girls.
My little ladies.


Annie said...

They picked a cute dresses.

They look so big.

Casey's trio said...

Sooooo sweet! I'm glad they love their class:) I did the same thing with the initials on our backpacks the first year. For kindergarten, they each chose a different backpack so life is a little easier :)

Cookie said...

So cute! It does feel strange to have kids in school. Certainly not babies anymore!

Laura said...

They are probably the cutest identical twins I know! Seriously seriously adorable! I love their outfit its adorable! I sent my back packs to my cousin to embroider the girls names (second time we have done this). So I totally get that!

Nicole @MTDLBlog said... bittersweet to have them in school I bet! I dread and long for that day....LOL. I dread it because when it comes, my squishy faced, squealing babies will be gone and I long for it because they will be moving on to a more independent life. Bittersweet!