Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Hundred and TWO Dalmations

So the girls had a job a few weeks ago where
they had to go to shoot a
commercial/promo for Disneyland.

It was lots of fun.
The girls were dressed up as dalmatio
and posed with Cruela De'vil.

The girls were a little apprehensive to say the least.

They have seen 101 Dalmations

and are privy to Cruela's meanness.

At the beginning of shoot the

director came up to me and
said "mom, they look terrified".

I was like "uhhh, what do you expect

you dressed them up as dalmations

and are posing them with Cruela De'vil,
who wants to skin them and make a coat outta them,
give em a minute". Haha

They warmed up pretty quickly.

But I do
wish I had video or even pics
of my making a
fool of myself in order to
get the
girls to laugh and smile on cue.
I think we could win 'America's Funniest Home Videos'.
All in the name of show business..Before makeup
Charlotte in makeup
Addison in makeup
Charlotte in full affect.
'Texting' grandma while waiting to shoot their scene.
They got to watch the Main Street Parade
while waiting and Disneyland guests thought they
were part of the show.
Meeting Cruela De'vil.

It was torture shooting at Disneyland and
not being able to ride the rides.
We had to promise a trip in the really near future..
Anyone wanna tag along???


Annie said...

Awww, they look adorable. I think it was fun.

Lyndsey mae said...

How fun!! Yes, we will tag along (December 6th, gotta go when it is decorated for Christmas!)

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How awesome!!! And what adorable dalmatians you have!

Casey's trio said...

WOW! What brave girls you have. I know mine woould have been scared of cruella deville too! What a fune experience for the girls:)