Friday, December 10, 2010


I am way behind on posting...
I know I suck.
I swear it feels like yesterday I posted and it's been weeks.

But as our name states...
better 'leite' than never.

Thanksgiving was a success.
23 people
1 huge table
2 fat juicy turkeys
priceless laughsAprons check...
Ready to start cooking
Olives check
Table for 23 check
Pumpkin decorations check
Homemade turkeys check
Appetizers check
Fried turkey check
Oven roasted turkey check
Enough food to feed 23 people 3 times check
Passing down the Thanksgiving tradition check
Love you Momma!
Thanks for all the help.

We are very blessed.


Annie said...

What a huge table. Everything looked great.

Good job.

SouthernDogwoods said...

Wow, 23 people! We had 8 and I was running around crazy so I can not imagine. Beautiful pictures and everything looked delicious!

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Yes, better late than never.

Believe it or not, this past Thanksgiving will just be memories in our heart because we have no photos of our occasion! On the way to my parents' house I realized I left my memory card inside my computer and could not find a store open to purchase a new one. I knew my brother would have his covered with his pro camera and skills. Well, he took a couple pics and his battery died. His charger was at home! We were completely out of luck!