Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Retirement

Our Papa retired this past week.
He worked for 31 years with LA Co. We had a big ole' party to celebrate. I think everyone had a great time. I know my girls sure did. They were the hit of the party. I think they got Papa's dancing gene as they were on the dance floor all night.

Papa & Addee
How cute is he in his retirement hat?
Sister, me, mom with Addee, Papa with Charlee, brother, sister in law
With his gift from work. Papa rides Harley's so they made him a motorcycle sprinkler system. Pretty cool huh?
My sweet brother giving a great toast,
Dancing machines
So much fun...all night long


Stephanie said...

Congrats to Papa - love his new sprinkler!

Beautiful family picture.

Don't you just love dancing kids? They are so funny!

Kim said...

Congratulations on Papa's retirement!
I love the dancing girls! So cute!

Claremont First Ward said...

Happy Retirement! Cute photos!

carrhop said...

Gotta have the retirement hat--my father-in-law applied his to his cute head when he retired from being a school principal and we now rarely see him without it!

The girls look adorable tearing up the dance floor!


Shannon said...

What a great party! Looks like the girls had a ball. Too cute!

Cookie said...

Is retirement another way of saying he's becoming an "on call babysitter"?