Friday, October 10, 2008

Back to the river

We squeezed in one last trip to the river last weekend before the weather has us traveling out there with the dirt toys rather than the water toys. And we were kinda tired of Addee asking to go to the river. That girl is a true river rat.
They wake up with the sun and stay up still they can't keep their eyes open any longer the entire time we are there. They LOVE the river. Not that I blame them. I have always been a big fan as well.
I love that they have the same ideas for fun.

Just thought I would post some pictures of our last hurrah of the summer.

Taking their babies on a wagon ride.
They were ducking down to keep the wind off their faces, all the while giggling uncontrollably.
Sweet Charlee Bean.
Charlee shot putting a cracker to a hungry duck.
Huddled together early one morning so Uncle Adam and Daddy could get some glass for wake boarding.
Helping pull in the rope.
I know these bath suits are too much but I just couldn't resist.
Rock skipping beauties.
Yet another family photo op at the river.
At the sandbar with Uncle Adam.


Connie said...

How fun!! IT looks like a wonderful place...You are such a beautiful family!!

Jaime said...

Looks So fun! Love that kind of family time.:)

Tracy said...

All of your pics from the lake are wonderful!! Your whole family looks great. What amazing memories.

Cookie said...

Fantastic pics! YOu are brave to let someone take a pic of you in a bathing suit! Of course, you look just as cute as the little girls! :)

Debra said...

FUN! The girls will always remember these memories!

You look FAB in that bikini lady! Even if (when) I get all this baby weight off, I could never wear one because of the stretch marks!

Shannon said...

So fun. Makes me miss summer already!

Kim said...

The girls look like they love being there. They are so sweet! You look great in your little bikini too. I'm jealous so now I'm off to do some sit-ups!!