Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One busy weekend

This weekend was filled with activities.

We had dinner with friends on Friday night
and afterwards had all the kids and parents back to our house
to take a night time swim.
Well before we knew it the clock read midnight and all six kids
were still swimming away.
Needless to say we all slept in nice and late Saturday morning.

Saturday we had yet another birthday party for the girls.
I swear these girls get invited to more birthday parties than anyone I know.
It was a pool party so more swimming and thank goodness
since it was over 100 this weekend.
Elmo even made an appearance which made Addison so happy.
Charlotte, not so much.

Saturday night we had margarita night on the driveway with our neighbors.
All the kids run wild and the adults get some grown up time.
We really have a wonderful group of neighbors.

Sunday morning we woke up late again.
And I got a crazy notion that we needed to do something fun. Again.
As if we had been sitting around all weekend. :)
So we decided to take the girls cherry picking.
They had a blast. We all did.
The cherries were delish and still are seeing as we had two buckets full.
The girls turned out to be REALLY good cherry pickers.
I wonder how old they have to be to send out into the farms? :)

Sunday night after quick swim and a loooong nap we met some friends at the park.
The girls swung in the swings and slid down the slide a hundred times.

You would have thought that we had been cooped up indoors
for the last week and needed to get out.

What did you do???


Jocasta said...

I cleaned our rental property, brought a new dinning table and chairs, cleaned my house, shampooed my carpet, decluttered and endlessly discussed wood burners with my husband!

I much prefer your weekend :)

Annie said...

Well, Friday we went to two different dr.'s appointment (not fun).
Saturday was Grandma day. We spend all day with my mom.
Sunday, family shopping day.

Not a funny weekend.

Casey's trio said...

Love how you keep those girlies busy!! So glad they sleep in for you when you have late nights too....somehow, I don't think I'd be so lucky.

SouthernDogwoods said...

Great pictures! Sounds like you all had a great time! Margaritas in the driveway - Yum! I wished we were neighbors!

Shannon said...

We had inlaws over Friday, Dinner out with friends Saturday and people over Sunday. I love summer!!

Great photos. SOunds like you guys are making the most of every day. Awesome!

Lyndsey said...

Don't you wish their tiredness would carry over for a few days of long naps.. but nope.. they wake up the next day and act like they have been indoors for years.. and just need to run!

I would love to get together one day this summer.. maybe we could meet at that Dry Town water park one day.. or that water play area out our way that I posted about a while back

Cookie said...

What a fun weekend! Did you really have that many kids at your house?!

Muthering Heights said...

*Whew,* I hope you got to take a nap to recover! :)