Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Crowns, Gowns and Castles too...
Nothing but a Royal Celebration will do!
Charlotte and Addison are turning 4,
Come to jump and so much more.

The invites went out.
25 kids were in attendance.
Mommy and Daddy endured weeks of "Is it my birthday yet?"
The cake that took Mommy 3 days to construct was standing.
Hopefully still so after the car ride to the Jump Palace.
The girls were ready to turn four.

The event of the season had arrived.
Everybody who is anybody was there.
Suri, Kingston, and Dakota
all had their calendars cleared for weeks.

The birthday girls!
Custom Cakes by Mommy.
Ready to hit the slides
Mommy getting some Charlee love
Time to sing
Aunt Chauncey and cousin Bryce having fun!
So cute.
Present time.
Quick photo op.
The A listers!
I think she likes this one :)
And some cake to finish off the day.

The day went off without a hitch.
I still cannot believe my babies are 4!!
They loved all the attention
and were so excited to see all their family and friends.
Thank you too all who helped us celebrate.

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girls!


Annie said...

Beautiful pictures from their birthday. They look so happy and their outfits are amazing, I love it.

Happy 4th Birthday Girls!! God bless them.

SouthernDogwoods said...

Happy Birthday to your beauties!
I love that picture of them opening their presents - I can just hear the squeals! : )
I love the pictures of the birthday party!

Casey's trio said...

So much fun!! Perfect place for a 4th bday the "OMG" present pic!!

Shannon said...

We are haivng a jumpy party for Sam next weekend. So glad to see it went well. Such gorgeous birthday girls!!