Friday, July 23, 2010


I have been asking the girls if they want to get their ears pierced for the past year.
I wanted to take them when they were old enough to remember
and it would be a special time for the girls and I.
I remember getting my ears pierced when I little.
I was so excited.
The girls have been making comments about my earrings lately
and I ask if they want theirs pierced too and they say not yet.
Well one day last week we were sitting with their friends
and they said they were finally ready.
Whoo Hoo!!
Off we went, right then.
I didn't want them to change their mind.

We asked the girls friends to come along with us for support
(and distraction).
Addison was SO excited, Charlotte was a wee bit nervous.
We had Charlotte go first in case Addee cried
and Charlee would chicken out.

Looking a little scared.
Ready set pierce.
Armed with blankie for support.
Charlotte's flowers.
Addee was all smiles as she waited.
She said "it didn't even hurt mom"
Am I done?
She was so proud of her purple hearts.
The support crew.


Casey's trio said...

Ahhhh such an important milestone for little girls:) Love it!

Cookie said...

Such cute little ladies!

Annie said...

They look adorable.

Jocasta said...

They are so big! Lovely earing choice.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Wow!! They're brave! And their ears look so cute! I love the support crew.