Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Silly Moment of Sadness

Last week I came across an old box of sidewalk chalk.

It was hidden on top of the fridge behind the bread basket.

I was excited to pull it out as I knew the girls would have a blast.

When I opened it up I noticed tiny little teeth marks on
each of the chalks.

I then remembered that was why I hid the chalk on top of the fridge.

And I got a tear in my eye.

A tear.

Over Chalk.

My girls have grown up so much lately.

Addison rides a bike with no training wheels.

Both girls are swimming all over the pool without floaties.

And they choose to hang with their friends over me some days.

I snapped outta of my teary eyes quickly

when both girls ran in and grabbed the chalk from my hands.

Hours of fun were had.

Guess how surprised I was when I found a new set of teeth marks in the chalk?

Somethings never change.



Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Some things never change - too funny! My girls do the same thing.

Annie said...

Definitely, some things never change.

Casey's trio said...

OMG....that's one thing I've never dealt with-Chalk eaters-HA! Crazy how fast they are growing up!

Cookie said...

LOL! and Ewww!
It is amazing how fast they grow up. My kids can now beat me at chess :S

Nicole said...

I love this post. I have these moments too....and with my twins merely at the beginning of their journey, I know I have more of them to come. Your post reminded me of todays post by MamaKat. If you haven't been over to her blog, she's hilarious. In particular, she reflects today on her kids and how fast they are growing up (an added bonus...she happens to have an awesome giveaway to go with it) if you're interested in another fun Mom who tries to appreciate the little moments as much as you do! Have great day!!