Friday, August 20, 2010

3rd Annual Beach Camping Trip

We tried out new spot this year,
Campland on the Bay in San Diego.
It was a hit.
Tons of activities and right on the beach.
If you are looking to a place to beach camping I highly recommend it.June gloom was in effect the first 2 days.
But the kids still played in the water.
The mommies however watched from shore
in jeans and sweatshirts

My sweet Bean
Driving around the campground
This was lots of fun for the kids and adults.
All the kids lined up while the dads played horseshoes.
The original mommies.
Amy, Jenn and I.
The girls being towed around was very common.
Should I go in or not???
Bean is always the poser.
My lovie Addison
Daddy and Bean
Addee and daddy warming up on the sand.
Just couldn't resist.
The horror....
Different bathing suits!!
Give me your tough guy pose Addison.
Seriously why do kids think it's cool to
put their hair in the sand??
Get 'em daddy.
The big boys with the toys.
The girls love to hang with the older girls
Lauren and Giselle.
The whole gang minus me.

Can't wait for next year!!!


Annie said...

Wow, definitely a great vacation.

The girls look so cute.

Nicole @MTDLBlog said...

What a great time! I call my girls "Lovies" all of the time. It has just become their natural nickname. Looking forward to the dual cuddles...or with my oldest, a triple cuddle. :-)