Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

Wordful Wednesday is like Wordless Wednesday,
only WITH words.
It’s for those of us that can’t contain the chatter,
but in a good way.

Pedicures are big in our house.
The girls are ALWAYS asking to have their toenails painted.
They really enjoy (what girl doesn't)
going to 'get' a pedicure in the big fancy massage chair.
It's not always an option for all 3 of to go get a pedi.
I mean, seriously I almost have to mortgage
our house to pay the bill.
Those hand painted flowers, they get us every time.
And most of their polish is coming off by the next day.
So in between going to the spa we have pedi days.
This week Ashes joined in.
Addison wanted watermelon toes,
hence the pink with black poked dots.
I do love having girls :)

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Annie said...

Hahaha, I like the picture.

Night Owl Mama said...

lol looks like someone painted puppy's toe nails TOO CUTE

SouthernDogwoods said...

Awww! I love it!

Brenda said...

Little girls are a lot of fun! So cute!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Oh, that is seriously too much fun.