Monday, January 31, 2011

One Bad Word

Spoiler alert...
We have been known to use a bad word
here and there in our house.
Not often.
And usually not around the girls.
But they slip out sometimes.

As far as our girls know there are 3 bad words.
Stupid, Caca, and poo poo.
I know horrible right?
The innocence is amazing.

So imagine my shock jaw dropping to the floor,
when one of my girls used a real life hideous word.
Like a word that you would never say in front of your grandparents.

She didn't quite use it right which makes it a little less painful.
And it's not one of the phrases I have been known to use.
hint hint hubby/daddy
But nonetheless awful.

So what does any good parent do in this situation?
Ignore, ignore, ignore.
Then run to the other room and giggle a lot.
I mean seriously such a bad word coming out of
such a sweet little girl,
Even my grandma would laugh....Possibly.


SouthernDogwoods said...

Oh, I know the feeling. At 5, unfortunately, the girls are now coming home with a few new words that they learned from school. Sigh! We are dealing with them as the situation arises.

Laura said...

This is very funny! I am sure those that now you just laugh along with you!

The Cute Girl said...

Your not Gonna tell us what she said??? Ugh, such a cliffhanger! LOL
So Funny..

Cookie said...

LOL! This could be a true proud parent moment if she had said the word in front of her grandparents and they told you about it. Happened to a friend of mine. Thank goodness not to me!