Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Trip to Pretend City

If you haven't been,
Go now!
It's so cool.
It's a completely interactive city.
For little people.

Checking her mail before
heading up the elevator to her
Of course Curious George lives in the building.
Sound check for her volunteer gig
at the local theater.
Addee fills up before heading off to work.
Beanie taking orders like a pro.
One spaghetti coming right up
And your total is 50 hundred bucks. LOL
(It's a bit pricey but the service is great)Posing for pics with the customers.
Quick trip to the Dr. office.
Yup it's still there.
X-rays look good.
Clean bill of health.
Beanie moonlights at the local dispatch.
Such an awesome multi-tasker.
Off to garden to relieve the stresses of the day.
A few carrots, potatoes and tomatoes
will be great with dinner.
What a haul.
And lastly a quick stop by the ATM before
a big night out on the town.


Sheena/H2Mommy said...

The "city" looks like an absolute blast!

Annie said...

Fun "city".

mmsunseri said...

Oh I had no idea you were a blogger! So fun to know I am not alone!

Life Happens said...

This looks like the Children's Museum we took Audrey to in Minneapolis. She loved it. Such a fun time.

Laura said...

This is awesome. Like a kids dream. Our Children's museum needs more more more!