Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

Wordful Wednesday is like Wordless Wednesday,
only WITH words.
It’s for those of us that can’t contain the chatter,
but in a good way.

How crafty are my peanuts??
They got suction cup toothbrushes from the dentist last week
and figured out that they could stick them
to the mirror and put on the toothpaste.
Baby genius' I tell you.

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Annie said...

Haha, so funny!!

Unknown said...

lol! the next question is did they try to BRUSH their teeth while they were still stuck to the mirror? ha!

thanks for stopping by today!

Dumb Mom said...

What a couple of little smarty pants! Love the way back photo too!

Claremont First Ward said...

SO crafty. I love seeing my little daughters in laws. :)

Laura said...

Very smart indeed because the challenge of applying tooth paste to a suspended object is just too fun!

Cookie said...

My kids do this too! and then they went around the bathroom so see what else they could stick the toothbrushes to. The stick to the tile in the shower and to the toilet bowl (eww! and I mean the outside, not the inside. don't give them any ideas!) and my kids favorite place to stick them is the lightswitch (we have those flat light switches, not the old ones). Then you can knock the toothbrush to the floor when you to turn on the light... ah good times!