Thursday, May 5, 2011


My hair and I have always struggled with one another.
Growing up I hated my orange hair.
The names I was called were enough to send a young girl
into the bathroom with a pair of clippers.
I'm sure you can imagine.
My mom wouldn't let me color my hair
so what does any girl do when she moves away to college?
Dyes, dyes, dyes that orange hair every color but orange.
I will admit I went a lil crazy in college with my hair.
Short, long, dark, blonde, you name it.
At one point I even had yarn weaved in it, don't ask me why...LOL

I still have a love hate relationship with my hair.
I was just trying to figure out how many different colors and cuts I have had
just since the girls have been born.
It was pretty insane.
And after all is said and done I am striving to reach
that perfect shade of...

wait for it...

Well copper to be exact.
Follow my journey that leads me back to my roots,
haha roots, get it :)

8 weeks pregnant and by far the most crazy.
Blonde and the darkest brown ever, totally natural :)
Trying to weave back in a more natural color.
That only lasted a few months and we are back to dark.
Then we add in a lil red to the dark brown.
I guess that didn't suit my fancy cuz 2 months later I was this
crazy dark color.
And another 2 months I was heading back towards
a more natural color. poor hair.
Then chop and bleach.
Then it just gets blonder and blonder.
And shorter, it was chopped all up the back.
Horrible picture but bay far my favorite cut and color for a while :)
Ohhh and the red comes back!
Very red!
The first appearance of the orange.
Growing out the bob.
Guess I wasn't happy with the red anymore and
opted back to brown.
And then bangs!
Muted more light strawberry blonde
but the bangs remain...
6 months later and still bangs...
I think we have achieved the exact shade of copper
and I think I will keep the bangs for at least a few more months.

What do you think?
Is this your favorite cut and color?

I am surprised my girls don't have an issue
with who is my mommy, I never looked the same for very long :)


Andrea said...

What a fun post! I can't believe how different color of hair can make someone look! All good, by the way!

I am a very boring person when it comes to my hair! I have never colored it! Crazy, I know! I am a hair virgin!

Annie said...

Fun post. I think the lenght and color now are great.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Sheena/H2Mommy said...

My photos look similar. My hair has been every color it seems. I actually let me grow out and I.can see my natural color which is very strange. I just went with bangs as well and love them!

allboymama said...

You're beautiful no matter what you do to your hair. I like all the changes & wish I was a little more adventurous with my hair...maybe then I would try one of your shades of red lol

Cookie said...

I like the blonde and I like your glasses too! I really don't much attention to my hair. I'm lazy that way... or maybe too scared!

Claremont First Ward said...

I didn't realize you had gone through so many "transformations" in the time I've known you. I love that with whatever shade you go with, you look fabulous. Not very many people can do that. ANd, each cut looks like a very specific style. LOVE the bangs and the color. I've never colored my hair except for highlights.......seeing all your "dos" makes me feel really un adventurous. :)

My name is Tammie said...

I love your hair! I was having a terrible case of hair envy after I did your session and totally thought bangs would be a good idea for me. Yep. No. Bad. Your hair's gorgeous no matter how you do it, but I do love how it is now.

Cookie said...

Wow! That is a lot of changes. I like the short blond. But I'm all for going natural too.
Thanks for your comments on my blog. I've been getting lazy with it too. Nice to see that I'm not alone! :)

Unknown said...

red & blond - wow