Monday, April 28, 2008

Mother's Day Photo Contest

5 Minutes For Mom is holding an amazing photo contest. She is taking submissions in the form of photos of what motherhood means to you. And the winner will get $1000.00. Can you say WOW?!?! It is being sponsored by Egg Beaters. WTG Egg Beaters!

Here is my entry
This is a picture of my mom holding my Addison. My sweet girl was hospitalized on her first birthday with RSV & double pnemonia. I never felt more vulnerable in my life. There was nothing we could do but hold her and surround her with love. Usually that is enough to suffice, but for some reason it didn't seem enough at that time.


Churchill said...

What a sweet picture despite the terrible circumstances. I am so glad that birthday number 2 was a more joyous occasion.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

How terrifying! I'd feel vulnerable, too. This picture is so sweet and its so true. All you can do in that circumstance is hold her and surround her with love. Man, I don't ever want to see the inside of a hospital ever again....I'm sure you feel the same way!

angie said...

I can see why you picked this both you and AZ are in competition, eh? I keep thinking I need to think of something too.

Erin said...

Hey Chica! I tagged you! Pop on over to my blog to see what you have to do! YAY for FUN!

P.S. I saw your bringing home baby episode today! Gees I feel like I know you already! *wink
The girls were soooo teeny tiny and look at them now so grown up! Time flies!

Connie said...

I love that is so sweet, and so special considering the circumstances. Good luck!! The competition is tough out there!!! I don't know how they'll judge.

Shannon said...

BRings back memories. There is nothing more difficult than having a sick child. Beautiful photo and good luck!