Friday, May 2, 2008

Tag I'm It...

So I've been tagged by Erin. Wow, talk about a walk down the memory tagging lane! Lets see if I can think that far back!

4 things I was doing 10 years ago (1998):
~I was leaving Chico State and transferring to San Diego State for my last 2 years
~I met the love of my life who is now my hubby
~I was turning 21 and was very much so enjoying the college/bar scene in San Diego
~I was working at a bar/nightclub living with my bff Jessica.

4 things I was doing 5 years ago (2003):
~Was working at Final Note (where I still am today)
~Was planning my wedding for the next year
~Spending every summer holiday in Parker on the Colorado River
~Was house hunting for that perfect house...we shopped for soooooo long. I was so picky on what I wanted.

4 things I did yesterday:
~Went to work, it was actually quite a busy crazy day at work for me. I saw (not met) Mike Myers...Shawiiiiing!
~Went out to dinner with the girls & my parents at Chili's
~Cleaned up throw up that went all over Addee AND the car seat
~Watched Grey's Anatomy while giving the hubby a mini back rub (he had a rough week)

4 shows I love to watch:
~Grey's Anatomy
~Lipstick Jungle
~The Hills
~Gossip Girl
(Wow I watch very shallow TV)

4 things that make me really happy:

~Singing my girls a song at bedtime while cuddling.
~A clean house! (I have a cleaning lady that comes every three weeks. I LOVE her! And I love coming home to a wonderfully clean house)
~Finding a new pair of jeans that I just have to have
~Being at the river, floating down in our boat, soaking up the sun, listening to my girls laugh

*Note to self- Be more interesting in the next four years! I am way too mommy-fied :)

I tag Jenni, Laura, and Lyndsey
I look forward to reading how different your life was 10 years ago :)


Lala said...

Isn't it crazy to think how different our lives were 10 years ago! Imagine 10 years from now! *shivers*

(I also watch greys, sitc reruns, and cashmere mafia<-when it was on...don't feel shallow--its good tv time!)

Connie said...

I loved reading this!! Tens years goes by so fast bringing soooo many changes doesn't it???

Casey's trio said...

Fun post...I am such a shallow tv watcher too! Love reality shows. And I think being a mommy makes you MORE interesting, not less! I hope I can catch your Bringing Home Baby show one of these days:)

Debra said...

How fun to walk down memory lane!!! 10 yrs goes by so fast, yet seems like a lifetime ago!!

I love Grey's Anatomy too!