Friday, May 2, 2008

First hair cuts

The girls had this really funny tail-like hair that grew longer than the rest of their hairs and only directly down the middle. It honestly looked like the tail the boys wore back in the eighties. But even worse since it usually was all matted and sticking straight out. So I had to cut off this eighties rocker hair. It was a fight for a while to get dear hubby to agree. He didn't want them to loose their long hair. I think he had to be in control of someone's hair since I keep chopping mine off much to his disagreement. I had to remind him that their hair was not long they just had a weird long section which is very uncool. I could have cut it myself...but then we would loose the cute first hair cut photos and all that goes along with it. So we took the girls to the girl who cuts both mine & hubby's hair, MaryAnn, a very good friend of ours.
I thought for sure they would have cried and it would be a disaster but they really had a great time. They loved all the attention they got from all the lady's in the salon. They chatted up just like any lady does when she is getting her hair done. It was so fun. They are SUCH girls.

Here is the tail.

Addison's snip snip

Addison with MaryAnn

Charlotte's snip snip

Charlotte with MaryAnn


Jaime said...

Great pics! Sounds like they really enjoyed the haircuts. How fun!
Your girls are so cute btw!

Lottie_Ellie said...

I cannot believe you snipped off their rat tails... that is a classic haircut that needs to be brought back into style. I mean what wasn't classic about the 80s really???

Laura said...

Love these girls! The hair cuts are adorable. I think all girls hair naturally grows into a mullet. It's so hard to cut the tail part off :)

Lala said...

sooooo cute! Come on the 80's dos rocked! ;)

Connie said...

They are so cute!!! Husband doesn't like it when Alexa cuts her hair either...funny because mine is never longer than shoulder length....don't know what the deal is about that.

Tracy said...

You are so good to document - I need to get better at taking pics during first time events!!!
Your girls are beautiful!
Stella had a tail as well - funny!

Casey's trio said...

What a big step....and a sign that they are growing up! I SO need to take my girls in for a good trim too:)

Debra said...

Great pictures! They seem to really enjoy being such girly girls!

Kim said...

That is so cute. My girls had that same funky tail. It took me a while to break down and cut their hair. But it had to be done, I suppose!! :)

Shannon said...

So cute! My girls had the exact same tail issue. I ended up cutting it myself but I kept the hair. Haven't had to cut it again!