Thursday, May 8, 2008

My 50th post!

For my 50th post I am going to list 50 of my favorite things!
They are not in any particular order.

50. New shoes that don't match anything so I have to go out & buy new clothes to match my shoes
49. Hiking with my dad when I was a little girl, more so the memories I guess now
48. Camping on the Kern River
47. Letters that come in the mail
46. IM'ing at work
45. My new pillows
44. Crawling into clean sheets
43. Coming home to clean house
42. Sunday morning breakfast with my hubby and girls
41. Watching cartoons in Mommy & Daddy's bed with the girls
40. Coke from McDonalds
39. Listening to my girls laugh when they think no one is listening
38. Getting pedicures with my BFF
37. Feeling my girls move when I was pregnant (almost makes me want to be pregnant again)
36. Cajun seared tuna sushi, yummy
35. Getting a picture with both girls smiling
34. Holidays with all our family around
33. Laying in the sun
32. Girls nights out
31. Shopping with my hubby, he really has great taste
30. Designer jeans
29. Watching my brother play with my girls (they love their uncle)
28. My mac laptop...I love this thing
27. Going on walks
26. New adventures with my girls
25. A good glass Pinot Noir, preferably Mirassou
24. Wandering aimlessly through Target for hours alone
23. My wedding ring
22. Tanning beds that are 99% UV free, I love to be tan
21. People watching
20. HOT showers
19. The Parker strip, we have a house there right on the river, I have so many great memories there and hope for many more
18. Babies that sleep through the night
17. Going out dancing
16. Massages
15. My girls running towards me saying "Mommy, Mommy" when I get home from work
14. Giraffe's, I think they are such beautiful animals
13. Taking a nap while my girls take a nap
12. VS 'sexy' push up bras, thank goodness for the art of illusion
11. Blog comments
10. BBQ's with friends
9. My flat iron, without it my hair is not so cute
8. My eyebrow waxing lady, she can make my shapeless eyebrows look almost shapely
7. My tivo box, without it I would never get to watch TV
6. Vanilla Chai Latte's from StarBucks
5. A good sale rack, ooh let's be honest, I love shopping in general on sale or not
4. My keyring, My BFF got me a keychain
of a butterfly, on the back is inscribed 'Double Love Always' for my girls
3. The necklace that holds the diamond from when my mom & dad were married
2. My wonderfully handsome husband
1. My sweet peanuts, Charlotte and Addison


Shannon said...

So great! Happy 50th!

We have so many similar likes: clean sheets, kiddos doing anything really, mani/pedis with a girlfriend, massages and hubies.

I need a new laptop. Which one do you have? The Air?

Kellan said...

Happy 50 posts! That is a bunch of great things - I loved feeling my babies move when I was pregnant too - LOVED IT!

Take care - Kellan

angie said...

Awesome 50th post. I love reading these sorts of things, especially if they are written by people I like! :)

Casey's trio said...

happy's too many more! I can also wander around Target for hours and I love to shop:)

Lyndsey mae said...

I love this! What a great list! I have to be honest.. I love almost everything on it you listed.. haha.. when I wander around target.. i get the pretzel & coke for $1.. what a great deal!

jenni anne said...

we really need to meet for reals. except you'll have to stop tanning. i don't want to look like Powder standing next to you.