Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My dirty girls

We headed out to the desert for a weekend with the girls for the first time.

Needless to say it was a success.

The girls loved camping in the desert.

Charlotte off riding.
Racing daddy and sister.
The little girls.
Some of the gang.
The kids all piled on the Polaris.
Addee in the early morning.
Charlee waiting for daddy to light a morning fire.
Addee thinks she is a big girl.
Filling daddy's helmet out pretty good :)
My sweetpeas.

We will be heading back out soon.

I see more dirt toys being bought for our newest riders :)


Casey's trio said...

Cute....looks like another fun adventure for your family:)

Cookie said...

Love those cute tiny faces in the big helmets! and it looks so warm! I'm jealous!

Cecily R said...

Your girls just get cuter and cuter!!!!

Claremont First Ward said...

If the girls keep getting more beautiful at the same rate they have been, you are in some serious, serious trouble. Everytime I think they can't get cuter, they do.

Annie said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure.

Jocasta said...

Fast cars and beautiful girls. You are in for some mighty trouble!!!

Jaime said...

That looks SO fun!! I want to go play in the dirt!

Stephanie said...

You guys are always up to fun fun fun! Vivi is so excited about camping this summer....we just hope the twins will be able to handle!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Your girls are getting so big!