Monday, September 14, 2009


Times are a changing around here.
For the first time my girls wanted different breakfasts.
Usually they will say I want pancakes and the other
may say she wants cereal
but before I even open the fridge
they have agreed on the same meal.
This mommy is thankful of that.
But today one decided she wanted toast with jelly
and the other mini eggo's.
And just let me state for the record that if I actually cooked
the said breakfast (which I do...a lot of the time)
they won't have a choice of two things.

In another scenario we have been asking them
what they want to be for Halloween.
Addee wants to be a monkey.
Beanie wants to be a fire breathing dragon.
As much as I want to let them pick out their costumes,
I am pretty sure they will sway when we get to the costume shop and see
ALL the princess gown costumes.

They still require us to dress them the same.
I have to change both girls if one spills on herself.
But I think this too is going to end soon.
My sweet babies are growing up.
They even start pre school tomorrow.
Sniff sniff.


Annie said...

Maybe they don't change a lot of things. Maybe is just the food.

I like to see twins with the same clothes. In my opinion they look really cute.

How time flies? They are going to start preschool, OMG.

Have a nice week.

Cookie said...

Preschool is exciting! It's fun to watch them grow up and become individuals :)
Good luck with the new school !

Jocasta said...

I'm sad too! I love seeing your girls dressed the same.

Just tell them to stop - no more growing!!

Mommy to beautiful twin girls said...

I know exactly how you feel. My girls dress the same all the time and I will keep it that way for as long as I can. When they are ready to stop I will be crying inside. As for the Halloween costume one wants to be a bee and the other a princess. They have always been the same thing. They look so cute together and its easier to track them down in a crowd lol. I am so torn I don't want to influence them to be the same thing I want them to want to, and but are getting to that age where it is not so fun anymore.

Casey's trio said...

We've been talking about Halloween costumes here too, but they keep changing what they want to be. I think this will be the first year they get to choose....times are changing indeed! Good luck tomorrow:)

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I know exactly what you mean! My girls want to dress exactly alike but they are so different so their ideal meals are different! The joys of twins!!!

Becky said...

Hi Jenny!! I apoligize, I have been a horrible blog reader lately!! My vote is to sway them!!! Everyone thinks Sofia's 1st Birthday party should be a Yo Gabba Gabba theme, since she loves them so much. I'm swaying them...Princess party here we come!! =)