Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flower Girls

It is wedding madness in our house.
The girls and I were in a wedding this past weekend
for my good friend Maryann.
All four of us are in a wedding in 1 week for my brother.
And my cousin is getting married in 3 weeks.
It's crazy.
Don't get me wrong.
I love weddings.
But this is a little much.
Trying to fit in all three weddings, showers, bachelor
and bachelorette parties is proving to be interesting
and a wee bit pricey.
But we are having fun.
The girls are so excited to be flower girls.
They took their job very seriously this weekend.
They asked every morning if that was the day they got to wear
their princess flower girl dresses.
On the actual day I lied and told them no
so they would not be too excited to take a nap.
When they woke up to find out today was the day they were all smiles.

Addison getting all dolled up with the bridal party.
Charlotte beyond excited.
Addison could not wait to get her dressy shoes on.
My sweet flower girls.
Mommy gets in on the action.
The girls.
Cheesy grins just before the big show.
Walking back with Mommy
Family pic
This makes me so happy.
I love this girl.
Charlotte the groove master.

We had a fantastic time.
The girls were so proud and wanted to do it again.
They even got to wear lip gloss which was a highlight.
I teased them that this was their trial run for Uncle Adam's wedding.
If they didn't do well they were going to be stripped of their titles.
Just kidding...kinda.
I mean if they seriously were awful we might have to reconsider. haha
But thankfully they were awesome.
So the countdown begins for wedding number 2.
But first we have the bachelorette party this weekend in Vegas!!


Annie said...

Cutest princesses. Love their dresses. Looks like they had a fun time.

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness too funny, my girls were flower girls this past weekend as well! They were a little shy I will have to post soon with pics. Your girls are beautiful!!!

Cookie said...

They are adoreable! Love teh dancing pic!

Casey's trio said...

I always have to leave tell the girls about exciting stuff happening on the day of too....lord knows we can't screw up naptime:) The girls looked adorable and glad they took their "jobs" seriously!! Have fun in vegas!

Shannon said...

You all looked stunning. I am happy to hear that the girls had fun with it because my pumpkins are going to walk the aisle next year for my sister in law. I am pretty sure that they will love it too! I mean, what girls doesn't love a princess dress and lip gloss??

Becky said...

Wow!! What amazing pictures. You guys look great and your girls are so stinking cute!