Monday, October 25, 2010

Back Off Mommies He's Mine


something I totally already know my hubster is
the talk of the preschool.
Last week was Addison's share day at school
and the hubster was more than happy to
have mommy buy the drinks, snacks and plan the easiest craft
volunteer his time.
It is no secret to anyone who knows us that hubster is a great
magnificent, hands on, better than the best dad.
In an effort to keep hubster's sanity, I
bought wooden Halloween masks for the
kids to color.
I guess this went over seemlessly according to
hubster and they had some extra time left over
so he decided to have a parade around the classroom.
The parade took place at the end of class
when all the mommies are lined up
huddled together talking crap about what so and so's mom was wearing
outside the window waiting to come inside.
So they all the mommies were witness
to the hubster in action.
I will be the first to admit
he is the whole package
handsome, stylish, hands on daddy,
if I do say so myself.
Hubster comes home and tells me
gloats with a grin from ear to ear
how the other moms kept coming up to him after
class and saying how amazing he is with the kids,
and how the teacher said he was better
than a lot of moms she has that volunteer.
It's a good thing I am comfortable that hubster loves

adores, cherishes, worships the ground I walk on
me or I might be a wee but jealous and dress hubster down
next time and send him with a craft that has his head spinning
while the kids run circles around him gluing
feathers and felt pieces to the back of his shirt.
I think next volunteer day
I will make sure hubster doesn't have
any clean laundry.
Just kidding...kind of.


Annie said...

Sounds like he did a great job.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I love it! Daddy's are the best!

angie said...


I'll bet they were talking about a lot more than how good he was with the kids. :)