Friday, October 8, 2010

Funny Ph(F)rases Friday

Is back by popular demand...
(ok only one person asked)

While out shopping
Charlotte: Mommy I have to go pee pee.
Me: Ok let's go.
Charlotte: You're the smartest mommy
cuz you always know where the potty is.

It's good to be the smartest at something.

Driving in the car
Charlotte: Ewww Momma Tanner (the dog) tooted.
(starts to laugh)
Addison: It's not nice to laugh at Tanner when he toots.
He prolly had a tummy ache and now he feels better.

Good to know she cares about how people feel even dogs.

Packing up Stuff for Goodwill
Charlotte: Why are you putting my toys in that bag?
Me: These are the old toys you don't play with anymore, so
Mommy is giving them to Goodwill.
Charlotte: Who is Goodwill? Why do we have to give them
our stuff? (starting to cry)
Me: Goodwill collects toys and clothes that we don't need
anymore and gives them to people that
don't have enough money to
buy new clothes and toys.
Charlotte: I don't wanna give away my old toys,
(fully crying now)
I don't have any money and
I just need my toys so bad Mommy.

Note to self. Pack up for Goodwill at nap time next time


The Mommy Mambo said...

saw you on Parenting by Dummies. Your girls are gorgeous! I have twin boys. (the delivery boys in the halloween photo contest)!

Loved your site, so I joined! Come check us out too when you get a chance! We have a wiz oz family photo too you might like to see!