Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do Not Put...

I have been feeling completely un less than motivated lately.

At first I thought it was because I had gone back to work and was wasting using all my creative energy.

I find myself having these funny ideas for posts at times when I can’t get them down and when I do have the time to sit down in front of my computer I go blank.

I know, you must be wondering how could a mom of such crazy cute twins ever run out of funny things to blog about. Shocking I know.

It’s definitely not lack of material. Some days I can’t believe the things that come out of the girls never ending sound machines mouths.

I really wanna be better about posting. The girls are getting so big and my whole reason to start blogging was to journal our day to day mayhem life.

I mean seriously how can I not find something to say about pictures like this.

If my girls were small enough I would have shoved placed them gently into that bag just for a photo op. I have been known to do such things.


Unknown said...

The bag doesn't say WHICH child to not put in there... ;P

Thanks for your sweet comment about my daughter's first birthday! :D

Annie said...

No matter the sign people put child there.

Lindy said...

Oh Jenny, you are so funny and creative! I love you!