Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The time has come

We have discovered how to take off our own diapers and make nice little 'piddle' pools for mommy to clean up. I am amazed at how someone so small and so cute can cause so much mischief. You can't see it in the picture but alongside the diaper on the floor are 3, yes 3 piddle pools. How does she even make that much piddle in a matter of 2 minutes? Duct tape here we come!!


angie said...

At least she was considerate enough to do it on the tile. This is just the age my boys were when they started doing this with a venegance. Duct tape saved my life. Seriously.

Laura said...

You know I have experience with this! WAY TOO MUCH of it! I totally recommend the duct tape and safety pins on blanket sleepers too. Another tip we split the duct tape in half (to make it less wide). You will then get two pieces out of one, it will be thinner and will not contact skin by accident. Lastly I had to wrap it around the back where they could not catch and edge and undo it (sometimes twice). Yah they did that too! I told you I have way too much experience with this phase. GOOD LUCK!!! Oh I second Angie's comment about the tile. The poop in the cribs is just AWFUL! All the beautiful bedding I searched out, totally ruined forever!

Debra said...

OH NO!! We have not gotten to that stage yet because the boys cannot take their jeans off (YET!) I am sure it is coming. Than goodness for your tile floors!

BTW.. Lowe's has different color duct tape... even pastel colors now.!!

Shannon said...

My girls have never taken their diapers off by themselves. TOday I took them off and brought out the potty. Ella didn't pee in the potty but did pee down her leg and into her sock. She was beside herself over it. I don't think she stopped crying for 5 minutes!