Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Obsessions

With the lack of new TV programming I have had to travel out of my normal realm of Tivo'd shows to catch up on. Instead of Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl (I know, I know don't laugh) I added The New Adventures of Old Christine to my Tivo quere. I can honestly say that I laugh so hard in every episode that I can't wait till the next week to get more of my Christine fix. Another show that has caught my attention and I am embarrassed to fess up to this one is Chelsea Lately on E!. It is really rather crude but I still find myself laughing wanting more at the end of her show. She is so quick and witty, much like Christine's character. I would love to posses that quality. Maybe if I watch enough of my new TV shows it will wear off on me. There's always wishful thinking.


Lottie_Ellie said...

I can totally relate. We have started watching the Big Bang and How I met Your Mother (I actually went to college with one of the stars of that one), and never would have thought to otherwise. I guess I could just stop watching tv and start reading again... nah.

Connie said...

I watch all the ridiculous reality shows...Make me a Supermodel, Real Housewives, etc....I could read as well, but since the twins were born...I just fall asleep!!!